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Authors, Books, Checklists, Bios

Ace's Books - Featured favorites with novels, bios, checklists and quotes.
Authors Born This Day - Author's birthdays. Which authors share your birthday?
David Baldacci Books - Baldacci is the creator of The Camel Club series, The King and Maxwell series, The A. Shaw series, as well as popular novels like Last Man Standing and Absolute Power.
Linwood Barclay - He got his first newspaper job with the Peterborough Examiner when he was 22. In 1981, he was hired by the Toronto Star. He held various editing positions there until 1993 when he became the paper's humor columnist, a postion he held until June 2008.
Harlan Coben - Harlan Coben is an American author of mystery novels and thrillers most of which are set in and around New York and New Jersey. Coben was born to a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey, but was raised and schooled in Livingston, New Jersey.
Dan Brown Books: The Da Vinci Code was published in March 2003 and sold 6,000 copies on the first day and was, reportedly, the fastest-selling adult novel ever. (Dan Brown bio*)
Lee Child Books - Creator of the popular Jack Reacher series.
Michael Connelly Books - Connelly is the creator of the Detective Harry Bosch series as well as the Mickey Haller series that the movie Lincoln Lawyer was based on. (Michael Connelly bio*)
Patricia Cornwell Novels - Prize winning author and creator of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Medical Examiner. Her Scarpetta series is popular worldwide. (Patricia Cornwell bio*)
Michael Crichton Novels - Popular author whose novels were the basis for several movies, including Jurassic Park and Disclosure.
Clive Cussler Novels - Prolific author and creator of the Dirk Pitt Series, the Oregon Files, Isaac Bell, Numa Files and the Fargo Adventures.
Nelson DeMille Books - His suspense novels featuring Ex-NYC cop John Corey have catapulted DeMille to the top of the bestsellers charts. (Nelson DeMille bio*)
Janet Evanovich Novels - In addition to her popular Stephanie Plum series, author Janet Evanovich is also the creator of the Full series, and Metro Girl (Alex Barnaby Series). (Janet Evanovich bio*)
Vince Flynn Books - The protagonist of his most popular novels is Mitch Rapp, an under-cover CIA counter-terrorism agent.
Ken Follett - British author of thrillers and historical novels like Eye of the Needle, On Wings of Eagles and World Without End.
Sue Grafton Novels - Grafton is best known for her chronological series of mystery novels set in and around the fictional town of Santa Teresa, California, featuring female private investigator Kinsey Milhone. (Sue Grafton bio*)
John Grisham - The unchallenged master of the legal thriller, Grisham has written A Time To Kill, The Firm, The Client and many other novels that were turned into movies. (John Grisham bio*)
Charlaine Harris - Charlaine is the creator of the popular Aurora Teagarden Series, the Lily Bard (Shakespeare) Series, The Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) Series, and the Harper Connelly Series.
Carl Hiaasen - Hiaasen's environmental thrillers mirror his concerns as a journalist and Floridian.
Tami Hoag Novels - After several years of success as a romance novelist, Hoag switched her focus to single-title suspense novels and is a regular on the NY Times Bestsellers list.
Stephen King Novels - Carrie, The Shining, Cujo, Pet Sematary, The Green Mile - King's novels are among the most loved of all American novels of the last 35 years, and they're still coming!
Dean Koontz Novels - Among the pseudonyms Koontz has used during his career are David Axton, Brian Coffey, Deanna Dwyer, K.R. Dwyer, John Hill, Leigh Nichols, Anthony North, Richard Paige, Owen West and Aaron Wolfe. (Dean Koontz bio*)
John Lutz books - The award winning mystery writer has created novels featuring Frank Quinn, Alo Nudger and Fred Carver.
Ed McBain - Widely Credited with being the inventor of the modern police procedural, Ed McBain/Evan Hunter published his first 87th Precinct novel, Cop Hater, in 1956. (Ed McBain bio*)
Stephenie Meyer - Three months after waking up from a dream featuring seemingly real characters that she could not get out of her head, Stephenie Meyer finished her first novel, Twilight.
Robert Parker - Parker was the creator of Spencer, Sunny Randall, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, and Jesse Stone. Many of his novels were adapted to television and the movies.
James Patterson - James Patterson put the P in Prolific. A fixture on the times bestsellers list, he is the creator of several popular series, including Alex Cross, The Women's Mystery Club, Michael Bennett and Maximum Ride.
Nora Roberts - Roberts elevated romance novels to an artform. She also writes the popular Eve Dallas "In Death" series under the name J.D. Robb. (Nora Roberts bio*)
John Sandford - Creator of the Lucas Davenport "Prey" Series, John Camp/Sandford began his career as a general assignment reporter for the Miami Herald. (John Sandford bio*)
Karin Slaughter - Karin Slaughter is the author of more than a dozen bestselling thrillers that have sold more than 17 million copies worldwide, have been translated into 29 languages and have won a number of international awards.
Stuart Woods - Woods' bestselling novels feature characters like Holly Barker, Will Lee, Rick Barron, Ed Eagle and, of course, Stone Barrington.

Classic Authors

Jane Austen - Her works of romantic fiction, set among the landed gentry, earned her a place as one of the most widely read writers in English literature.
Charles Dickens - Dickens's work has been highly praised for its realism, comedy, mastery of prose, unique personalities and concern for social reform.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky - a Russian writer of novels, short stories and essays. Dostoyevsky's literary works explore human psychology in the troubled political, social and spiritual context of 19th-century Russian society.
William Faulkner - Though primarily known and acclaimed for his novels and short stories, Faulkner worked in a variety of media; he wrote novels, short stories, a play, poetry, essays and screenplays during his career.
Thomas Hardy - While he regarded himself primarily as a poet who composed novels mainly for financial gain, he became and continues to be widely regarded for his novels, such as Tess of the d'Urbervilles and Far from the Madding Crowd.
Ernest Hemingway - An American author and journalist, his economical and understated style had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction, while his life of adventure and his public image influenced later generations.
Jack London - A pioneer in the then-burgeoning world of commercial magazine fiction and one of the first fiction writers to obtain worldwide celebrity and a large fortune from his fiction alone, London is best remembered as the author of Call of the Wild and White Fang.
William Shakespeare - An English poet and playwright, Shakespeare is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world's pre-eminent dramatist.
John Steinbeck - Widely known for the Pulitzer Prize-winning novels The Grapes of Wrath (1939) and East of Eden (1952) as well as the novella Of Mice and Men (1937), Steinbeck was the author of twenty-seven books, including sixteen novels, six non-fiction books and five collections of short stories.
Robert Louis Stevenson - Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson (13 November 1850 – 3 December 1894) was a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer. His best-known books include Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Mark Twain - Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910), better known by his pen name Mark Twain, an American author and humorist, is most noted for his novels, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), and its sequel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885).

Other Literary Sites

Authors Born This Day - Author's birthdays. Which authors share your birthday?
Daniel Barth - Dan Barth's poetry, fiction, essays, articles and reviews
Jack Kerouac - All Roads Lead to Rocky Mount by Daniel Barth.
Graphic Novels - Current top ten graphic novels, plus more bestsellers and Art & Literature Links.

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Artists - Prints, Posters, Books, Bios

The Fine Art Shop
DC Comics - Posters of favorite DC characters featuring sharp, clean images and a high degree of color accuracy.
Marvel® Comics Art - Posters printed with an offset lithography press and a coating to protect the inks.
Fine Art Posters - All artists, all genres.
Music Art Prints - Fine art with musical themes
Vintage Paperback Cover Posters - Reproductions of classic noir paperback covers.
Artists Born This Day - Artists' birthdays.
Ansel Adams - Ansel Adams’ career took off in 1941 when the U.S. government hired him to photograph the country’s national parks.
Albert Bierstadt - Best known for documenting the beauty of American West’s scenery while on several expeditions of the Western Expansion, Bierstadt founded the Rocky Mountain School of Landscape.
Justin Bua - Growing up as a break-dancer and graffiti artist, Bua’s highly original work reflects an urban, multicultural, Hip-Hop influenced world.
Salvador Dali - Dali, as eccentric as his artwork, broke artistic ground with a Surrealistic style containing extraordinarily realistic detail and bold, disturbingly dreamlike images.
Leonardo da Vinci - An artistic genius, da Vinci also excelled in physiology, the sciences and mathematics, applying all of his collected knowledge to his art.
M.C. Escher - Escher's woodcuttings, lithographs and mezzotints, infused with advanced mathematically concepts, were influenced by Spanish tiling patterns and the Italian landscape.
Alfred Gockel - German artist Alfred Gockel has a unique abstract style featuring rich, bold colors, long, fluid brushstrokes, and intense movement.
Hiroshige - Hiroshige (1797 – 1858) is known for his poetic interpretations of ordinary landscapes.
Hokusai Katsushika - Between 1796 and 1820 he created approximately 30,000 book illustrations and color prints, and produced his most important works after age 60, often depicting Mount Fuji as an spiritually significant symbol.
Paul Klee - Klee created small, delicate works, filling them with traces of dreams, music, poetry, and stylistically blended primitive art, Surrealism, Cubism and children’s art.
Edward Hopper - An American painter who portrayed alienation in everyday life, Hopper’s frank work influenced pop art and the representational revival.
Jasper Johns - A forerunner of the Minimalist movement, as well as the Conceptual and Pop Art movements, Johns’ bold depictions of popular icons forced an awareness of the painting as the object, itself.
Wassily Kandinsky - Kandinsky believed that art could visually express music, and is credited for painting the first modern abstractions.
Gustav Klimt - Klimt’s elaborate, explicitly sensual works expressed themes of regeneration, love and death, and incorporated Egyptian, Classical Greek, Byzantine and Medieval styles.
Roy Lichtenstein - Important 20th century Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s work came directly from the pages of pulp fiction novels and comic books.
Brent Lynch - Known for his vivid imagery and creative innovation, Lynch is a powerful figurative and landscape artist.
Don Li-Leger - Influenced by Asian art and Eastern philosophy, Li-Leger richly layers his work with calligraphy, geometric elements and natural forms.
Henri Matisse - First labeled a Fauvist, his stunning artistic versatility included primitive art, impressionism and abstraction.
Joan Miro - Spanish surrealist Joan Miro (1893 -1983) , influenced by the 1920’s Paris counterculture, often uses primary and secondary colors as well as organic shapes to convey a lively, energetic zest for life.
Claude Monet - Artistic genius Claude Monet (1840 – 1925) founded and led the Impressionist Movement, applying non-traditional uses of color and light and how they affect each other based on his own observations.
Edvard Munch - Norwegian artist Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944) created haunting paintings conveying the grief of his own life, caused by one sister’s commitment to an asylum, and the deaths of his other sister, mother and father before he was 25.
Georgia O'Keeffe - Rejecting artistic norms, O’Keeffe expressed her own feelings through the vibrant colors and flowing forms of her enormous representations of flowers.
Pablo Picasso - Passionately creative in every genre from primitive art to sketches to Surrealism, Picasso profoundly impacted 20th century art.
Jackson Pollock - Pollock, who was influenced by Picasso, Miró and the Surrealists, expressed subconscious thoughts through his motions, and revolutionized a style of painting in which the work has no identifiable parts or focal point.
Norman Rockwell - Beloved American artist Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978) is most known for his nostalgic, touching paintings that appealingly depicted simple scenes from everyday life.
Mark Rothko - Acclaimed for founding Abstract Expressionism, Mark Rothko (1903-1970), was a Russian immigrant and a preeminent artist whose fascination with concepts of mortality and spirituality deeply influenced his art.
Jack Vettriano - In creating his art, he listens to music that makes him feel uncomfortable to create a mood that fuels his edgy, mysterious creations.
Vincent Van Gogh - The brilliant artwork of post-Impressionist Dutch Master Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) powerfully impacted countless artistic movements.
Andy Warhol - Initially a popular Manhattan commercial artist, Warhol achieved fame with his multiple images of soup cans, soda bottles, dollar bills and celebrities, which revealed the beauty within mass culture.

Ace's Bio Farm - Original Artists' Bios

Ansel Adams - Landscape photographer and environmentalist, born in San Francisco on February 20, 1902.
Justin Bua - A third-generation artist following in the footsteps of his mother and grandfather, he first got attention as a graffiti artist.
Salvadore Dali - A leader of the surrealist movement, his painting, The Persistance of Memory, with the soft or melting watches is one of the best-known surrealist works.
MC Escher - Perhaps best known for his impossible buildings and figures, visual illusions and tessellations, Escher also designed tapestries, postage stamps and murals.
Alfred Gockel - Bright colors and graceful motion highlighted by powerful black figures and accents mark Gockel's compositions and his distinctive style.
Gustav Klimt - Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was one of the most innovative and controversial artists of the early twentieth century.
Don Li-Leger - Don Li-Leger's paintings reveal his intimate knowledge and deep sensitivity to the world of nature.
Jack Vettriano - His paintings are set in bars and clubs, seasides, racetracks, ballrooms and bedrooms. They speak directly to the viewer.

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